Image of Gestalt Creations home page on an open laptop screen

Redesigning the Designer

Crafting confidence for B2B clientele

Senior Web Designer, UX Writer
Website redesign
UX Writing
Three-week Design Sprint

The Challenge

Gestalt Creations needed a site overhaul on their ten-year-old site. They came to me for content help. My challenge was to update the website to a confident, inviting, and cohesive voice that was clear and conversational.


Figuring Out the Parts

I began with a conversation. What do clients get when they hire Gestalt?

  • Confidence that their website is going to work every time
  • A relationship with real people at the firm
  • Continuity in their brand across digital channels

Design Disaster

The current site was outdated with the following issues:

  • Text-heavy (200+ words on the landing page)
  • Used jargon like "users" and coding languages
  • CTA directed to an outdated portfolio
Home page of Gestalt Creations from 10 years ago. A blue global navigation at the top with a dove gray box containing text.


I tested five business owners in the target market to assess the usability of the current site.

Considered the site "too techy"
Average time spent on site before scrolling
Felt they could trust the company


To Eloquently E(quip)

Conveying expertise through scannable content was the main challenge.

I simplified the content with useful text that busy business owners could easily digest, while the designer added a carousel of cross-platform hero images for projects in the portfolio.

Image of Gestalt Creations home page on an open laptop screen

Let Me Upgrade Ya!

With such precious little time to make an impression on users, I made the following changes:

  • Drastically reduced the text to highlight the business name, what they do, and what their clients get from hiring Gestalt
  • Added a CTA button in an inviting tone of voice that connects the client directly to Gestalt


The Whole

This was a quick and fun project to flex my UX writing skills and work with a design firm. I was able to give feedback about the overall website and collaborate on UI. Ultimately, the upgrade to Gestalt Creations makes the whole more than the sum of its parts.

I would conduct usability tests in future design sprints to ensure the changes are intuitive and effective. I would also evaluate the current UI to determine if a change is needed to meet accessibility standards.